Venice - NOVEMBER 2016

Rising awareness and starting a dialogue about humanitarian architecture at the Venice Biennale of Architecture.

In collaboration Re-Vestlife and l’Abri-a Roof for Humanity launch a fundraising campaign, 
by building community spaces in Venice.

Architecture has the power and the moral responsibility to stand up and help a situation where millions of people worldwide, are living without shelter. L’Abri & Re-Vestlife are working together to make this happen. Together with both migrants and locals, we’ll build community spaces for people to feel safe and protected. Together we’ll grow and learn from one another, we’ll share talents and knowledge from different cultures. Together we’ll show all humans are entitled to a roof over their heads.

The making of.

Starting the day transporting the materials

Re-Vest Life Letters

Support us

Help us build shelters all over Europe.

Soon available items to wear and be part of our network.