We believe

Everyone should have a space to feel  welcome and protected.

A roof for everyone.

Everyone should have a space to feel protected, be welcome and to build a future. But - many people don’t. War and persecution has forced millions of people to risk their lives and escape their home countries. And - now they have no roof, for tonight, for tomorrow.

Our mission.

Together we've the power and the moral responsibility to step up and help create spaces for people, families and communities to feel protected, to grow and to live together.

With both newcomers and locals, we build spaces for people to feel welcome and protected. We learn from each other, we share stories, opinions and different cultures, with a common goal, showing the world we are all equal and that all humans are entitled to a roof over their heads.

Building shelter is the first step in the integration process as ‘adaptation’, to the physical arrival of newcomers into a new society and their settlement in. During this period, they learn the language of the new country, how society works in practice, and how to access housing, schools, healthcare, the labour market and so on. During this period they start to re-build their future.

Come and be a part of this movement, together we can build a brighter future for everyone in need.

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Our Story.


How it started?

Last April we went to the Greek mainland to visit locations where people reside without a way to move forward or back. The Greek border with Macedonia has closed, moving back to Turkey is hard while going home is no option because of raging wars. We visited Idomenia, the border area at Thessaloniki, and the refugee camp Katsika, close to Ioannina, to peruse existing housing facilities and survey what’s still needed. After a few days in the camp it became clear that still a lot has to be done to create bearable, more human, circumstances for the people that will have to stay here for months on end.

The idea.

After experiencing this reality we asked ourselves a question. How can we use our talents, knowledge and network to do something more permanent to support those refugees? 

Besides necessary amenities like beds and sanitation facilitated by UNHCR, MSF and Oxfam, we believe that there is a need for places to socialise, to meet other people and for children to play under a roof.

That’s exactly what we build, communal spaces, a sheltered public place where everybody can feel welcome with protection from scorching sun during summer and rain, wind and snow during winter time. A space to think, let your thoughts roam free or just be quiet for a while, a space for contemplation.  A communal sheltered space for the children to play, the women to congregate and the man to assemble.

The need for this will differ from person to person, can be religious or profane, but it will be an anchor for everybody and especially for those people in transit uncertain of their futures.


Our spaces.




Lesbos 2015


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Kavala 2016


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Venice Biennale of Architecture 2016


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To build shelters all over the World.

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