We believe

Everyone should have a space to feel  welcome and protected.

A roof for humanity for everyone.

Everyone should have a space to feel protected, be welcome and be part of a community. But - many people don’t. War and persecution has forced millions of people to risk their lives and escape their home countries. And - now they have no roof, only a basic shelter to sleep and the outside to come trough the days.

Our mission.

Together we've the power and the moral responsibility to step up and help create spaces for people, families and communities to feel protected, to grow and to live together.

With both newcomers and locals, we build spaces for people to feel welcome and create social activities. We learn from each other, we share stories, opinions and different cultures, with a common goal, showing the world we are all equal and that all humans are entitled to a roof for humanity over their heads.

Come and be a part of this movement, together we can build a brighter future for everyone in need.

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Our Story.


How it started?


The idea.


Our spaces.



Lesbos 2015


Learn more about what we did in Lesbos

Kavala 2016


Learn more about what we did in Kavala

Venice Biennale of Architecture 2016


Learn more about what we did in Venice Biennale of Architecture


To build community spaces,                    all over the World.

Soon available items to wear and be part of our movement.